George Alfaro is a Latin American photographer and filmmaker documenting environmental injustices, socioeconomic inequality, and international affairs. Alfaro is focused on producing visual stories that highlight the human experience and offer a glimpse into the intimate moments that unfold in underrepresented communities. His work is found in the Washington Post, Oaklandside, KneeDeep Times, Richmond Confidential, the National Institution of Climate Education, Querencia, and the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive.
Alfaro is a Dorothea Lange Fellow, Jim Marshall Fellow, Berkeley Master's Fellow, Rubén Salazar Scholar, and Eddie Adams Workshop attendee. He will complete his Masters of Journalism at U.C. Berkeley in 2024.
When he is not out in the field reporting or in the darkroom developing prints, you’ll find him hiking through the forest or bending corners at the local race track.

Phone: (510) 859-8566
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